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Bruno Capinan is a Brazilian born, Canadian singer-songwriter based in Toronto, where he moved in 2002 and launched his music career. Also a poet and visual artist, Capinan frequently collaborates with artists of various disciplines and cultural backgrounds. His voice resonates the vibrant legacy of the hybrid culture of Salvador da Bahia, the epicentre of Afro-Brazilian music. He has released five albums in his ten-year music career and performed to audiences in Japan, Brazil, Argentina and the United States. 


His music beautifully blends traditional Brazilian sounds, also known as MPB, with many other global influences, and features Portuguese lyrics that are both personal and conversational. It’s a combination that has earned Capinan widespread positive reviews and taken him to stages and studios around the world. His lyrics, as well as his press interviews, often highlight the struggles of LGBTQI+ people, as well as Black and other marginalized communities. 


Most recently, Bruno Capinan released his fifth studio album “Leão Alado Sem Juba”, recorded   during the COVID-19 pandemic between Canada, France, Portugal and Brazil, with musicians working remotely. He has received two back-to-back nominations to the prestigious APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics) album of the year list, for his latest release “Leão Alado Sem Juba” (2020), and “REAL” (2019). In April of 2020, he was scheduled to showcase at Atlantic Music Expo 2020 in Cape Verde, but the performance was canceled due to the pandemic. 


A fierce performer, Bruno Capinan’s approach to music making is rooted in the Brazilian tropicalia influence, which is to embrace all the vast possibilities of sound. This approach has led him to collaborate with Japanese composer Jun Miyake, who discovered Capinan via French radio, and immediately invited the artist to collaborate on Miyake’s recording as a lyricist and vocalist. Their music collaborations appeared in the album “Lost Memory Theatre Act 3”, and have taken Bruno Capinan to perform in Japan in 2017 and 2018. They are now working on two new compositions for Miyake’s upcoming album.

He first gained international recognition in 2016, with the album “Divina Graça” (Joia Moderna/P-vine records), including mentions in British paper The Guardian and France’s Libération. Brazil’s biggest publications Folha and O Globo, called him “an artist to watch”, as he continued to perform in between his country of origin and abroad, with highlight performances including the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Tokyo in 2017 alongside Japanese composer Jun Miyake.